Boroda aka Hamster (fantaseour) wrote,
Boroda aka Hamster

Ваууууу мое любимое место из кино Основной инстинкт.

Во — только что показали по телеку.
Допрос Майкла Дугласа у полицейского психолога:

Nick -- when you recollect your
childhood, are your recollections
pleasing to you?

Nick looks at them a long beat in disbelief.

(calmly, directly)
Number one: I don't remember how
often I used to jack off, but it
was a lot.
Number two: I didn't get pissed
off at my dad -- even after I was
old enough to know what he and mom
were doing in the bedroom.
Number three: I don't look in the
toilet before I flush it.
Number four: I don't wet the bed
and haven't for some time.
Number five: You can go fuck
yourselves because I'm out of here.
Tags: cinema

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