Boroda aka Hamster (fantaseour) wrote,
Boroda aka Hamster

Майкрософт бывает до боли противоречив. IE9 на подходе.

Империя зла, добреет... или делает вид....

As part of Microsoft’s broad engagement with open source communities, Corporate Vice President Scott Guthrie today announced that Microsoft is investing resources to contribute to the development of the jQuery JavaScript Library to help improve the development process of standards-based Web applications. Microsoft will also work to provide better interoperability between ASP.NET and the jQuery JavaScript Library by enhancing ASP.NET so .NET developers can better incorporate jQuery capabilities. In addition, Microsoft will actively promote and distribute versions of the jQuery JavaScript Library by packaging it with popular products such as Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 and ASP.NET MVC 2. As a first step, Microsoft will contribute a templating engine to the jQuery JavaScript Library Team to simplify Web applications.

Блог ajaxian иронично добавляет: I *really* want the IE9 team to help us put the Silverlight team out of business :)
Tags: javascript

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