Boroda aka Hamster (fantaseour) wrote,
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У dmih небольшая дискуссия про юникод в PHP-шных строках.

кстати пошел посмотреть на php 6, а его не упоминают на сайте. Википедия нам говорит:

A new major version has been under development alongside PHP 5 for several years. This version was originally planned to be released as PHP 6 as a result of its significant changes, which included plans for full Unicode support. However, Unicode support took developers much longer to implement than originally thought, and the decision was made in March 2010 to move the project to a branch, with features still under development moved to a trunk.
From:	Rasmus Lerdorf	Date:	Thu Mar 11 12:22:48 2010
Subject:	PHP 6
Groups:	php.internals 

Ah, Jani went a little crazy today in his typical style to force a
decision.  The real decision is not whether to have a version 5.4 or
not, it is all about solving the Unicode problem.  The current effort
has obviously stalled.  We need to figure out how to get development
back on track in a way that people can get on board.  We knew the
Unicode effort was hugely ambitious the way we approached it.  There are
other ways.

So I think Lukas and others are right, let's move the PHP 6 trunk to a
branch since we are still going to need a bunch of code from it and move
development to trunk and start exploring lighter and more approachable
ways to attack Unicode.  We have a few already.  Enhanced mbstring and
ext/intl.  Let's see some good ideas around that and work on those in
trunk.  Other features necessarily need to play along with these in the
same branch.  I refuse to go down the path of a 5.4 branch and a
separate Unicode branch again.

The main focus here needs to be to get everyone working in the same branch.


Tags: php

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