November 1st, 2006



Микрософт заключила партнерское соглашение с Zend. Теперь php будет поддерживаться в windows официально и будут приложены усилия для нормальной работы php под IIS 7.

Making PHP on Windows work!

Today we announced a partnership with Microsoft. The goal of this technical collaboration is to make PHP on Windows a first class citizen. It has always been our goal to make PHP run well on any platform, and this initiative reinforces that. Both companies have also observed huge interest both from the community and our respective customers bases in good PHP support on Windows, and therefore, collaborating on making this happen is a no-brainer for both.


Fortunately, things have changed. There are now people at Redmond who understand that supporting interoperability between open-source software and the Windows platform will have benefits to their customer base. 4.5M PHP developers are hard to ignore, especially when so many PHP developers actually do their development on Windows.

Главное, чтобы не появился Microsoft PHP :) А вот PHP for .NET возможно и хорошо, только это вопрос не самого ближайшего будущего.

UPD Насчет PHP for .Net я ошибся. Есть и такое. Только это чисто инициатива Микрософт, и разработка под .Net не входит в рамки партнерства:

The partnership currently doesn't extend to supporting PHP on .NET, either. Currently there is a Microsoft effort, called Phalanger, to bring PHP to .NET.

Phalanger is a PHP language compiler for the .NET framework. It is available at the Microsoft CodePlex shared source code site.

"We are committed to a true open source PHP distribution," Gutmans said. "You'll never be able to make a .NET version of PHP 100 percent compatible and up-to-date with real open source PHP. It's like MONO chasing .NET; it never manages to catch up completely."