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Метания к ООП и обратно

It is possible that your story will go something like:

* Learn the syntax and build an object or two.
* You'll try it in a live project.
* You will realise that you are getting no real advantage, and you'll post your code on the forums.
* People will tell you that your objects are just "smart data", and that you should "think in objects".
* You'll start to build some top level objects, but get confused. Very confused.
* One late project and several rewrites later, you'll come to the conclusion that this OO stuff is a waste of time and go back to procedural.
* You'll repeat the whole sequence six months later.
* ...and again six months after that, but this time you won't listen to advice.
* A year after that, you'll "get it".
* You'll then post lots of helpful advice on forums to other OO beginners suggesting that you "think in objects"...


Disclaimer: пройдите по ссылке -- хороший пост, и он не ограничивается только той цитатой, что я привел.