Boroda aka Hamster (fantaseour) wrote,
Boroda aka Hamster

PHP|Architect больше не защищает свои pdf паролем

купленные pdf журнала PHP Architect теперь можно читать без пароля:

Thus, as we celebrate the fifth anniversary of our publication (has it really been that long?), we have removed all password protection from our PDFs. This means that every PDF you download from our sites (that is, from both php|a and PyMag) starting from today will no longer require a password for opening—including any product that you have purchased from us in the past and that you download again after tomorrow.

I thought this would be a difficult decision to make, but in the end it felt like the smart thing to do, both from a business perspective and from a technical point of view (encryption costs a lot of CPU cycles on our servers!). We've got a lot more surprises coming down the pipe... stay tuned!
Tags: development, php

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